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If you had to guess, how many times do you think you’ve turned the lights on and off in your kitchen today? How about this week? This month? We’re all using our homes hard this year and upgrading details like our light switches could be just the little dose of joy we need before making our morning coffee (or tea, thank you very much). As almost every room on the planet has light switches and outlets, they shouldn’t be a design afterthought.



I’m thankful to have found Legrand to give some much needed love to the “small details” that make such a big difference. I love the unexpected detail they add to a space alongside the fact that this is an upgrade literally anyone can do, whether you’re in the middle of a gut renovation or renting an apartment. And while we often think of changing the pendants, this simple upgrade is just as effective and (bonus) way easier.



Embracing imperfection, textures and the bones of a space is really important to me. It brings soul and visual interest in a way that is hard to replicate. And the juxtaposition of an imperfect and beautifully textured wall with a clean modern light switch and outlets creates something so unexpected and show stopping.



I also like to play off the existing textures or finishes in the space when choosing the wall plates and get creative and fun with it! Not everything has to match, it just has to feel right to you. I love the mix. Old textured walls or a moody cabin mixed with new sleek switches.

A few little pro tips for ya: Always put your room lights on a dimmer. It’s an easy switch switch 😉 And it helps create more of a mood and warm feeling in the evenings.

No more styling to hide switches. After years and years of designing and styling spaces to hide unsightly outlets and switches with a strategically placed piece of art or a pile of books, now we can highlight and feature these alongside all the other cool architectural features.

Even though I don’t like to play favorites, these are a few of my go-to products when I’m tackling an update:


And remember to approach choosing outlets and switches like picking your new favorite pair of denim. You’ll use them every day, so make sure you love em!

Love, Lee


Photography by Amy Neunsinger

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